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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made significant modifications to a taxpayer’s ability to deduct Meals & Entertainment expenses and other fringe benefits. Generally, a deduction for entertainment expenses is no longer permitted, and deductions for de minimis meals are significantly more limited. All companies – regardless of size, structure or industry – are likely impacted. During the webcast, some of the topics to be discussed include:

   Changes to the deductibility of entertainment expenses
   Changes to the deductibility of de minimis meals
   Concerns surrounding employer-operated eating facilities
   Changes to the deductibility of other common fringe benefits

Please join us as Ernst & Young LLP panelists, along with a special guest from SAP/Concur (a provider of time and expense software) share insights and implications for all companies due to the TCJA.


Angela Spencer-James, Partner, Meals & Entertainment Practice Leader, Ernst & Young LLP Christa Bierma, Principal, National Tax Compensation & Benefits, Ernst & Young LLP Jessica Pankov, Senior Director, Concur Platform Partnerships


Ian Bradley, EY Americas Director of Quantitative Services